Art Production


Daechang Forging(DCF), during last 55 years, in the field of forging industry has been leading the production of Undercarriage Parts for Earth Moving Equipment, Crankshaft for Automobile & Marine Engines and many other Industrial fields.

Now, DCF is globalized and become famous for worldwide distribution of Genuine Parts and Repair Parts for those Undercarriages, Crankshafts and other industrial parts.

Existing Forging Line

  • 6,300 Ton Forging Press
  • 4,000 Ton Forging Press
  • 3,150 Ton Forging Press
  • 2,500 Ton Forging Press ×2
  • 2,000 Ton Forging Press
  • 1,350 Ton Forging Press
  • 3,200 Ton Auto Forging Press
  • 2,000 Ton Auto Forging Press
  • 40 Ton Counter Blow Hammer
  • Others
  • Forging Press (3150Ton, 2500Ton, 2000Ton Auto)Forging Press ( 3150Ton, 2500Ton, 2000Ton Auto)
  • 40Ton Counter Blow Hammer40Ton Counter Blow Hammer